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Best Friend Messages

Friends are our life. They are very important part in our life. Without friends our life is black and white. We daily send different messages to our friends because we considered them a very important part in our life. Now we are offering you here latest and unique best friend messages which show the real meaning of friends. Our collection is very inspiring and great.
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  1. Friendship
    Must Never Be Buried
    Under The Weight Of
  2. Heart is like Crystal, Preserve it
    Love is like perfume, Spread it
    Feelings are like flood, Flow it
    FRIENDSHIP is like Umbrella, share it
  3. A Best F.r.i.e.n.d
    Is The Best Pain Killer.
    The Ingredients Are Simple:
    C a r i n g
    S h a r i n g . . .
  4. 24 sweet hours make 1 sweet day!
    7 sweet days make 1 sweet week!
    4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month!
    But 1 sweet friend like ‘U’
    Make my whole life sweet.
  5. Friends are like stars. You can’t always see them, But you know they are always there for you…
  6. May The Almighty blesses u n take u to heavens..
    Live a blessd life..
  7. Everyone will have a BEST FRIEND during each stage of life
    only lucky ones have the same FRIEND in all stages of LIFE
  8. Distance never separates any relation
    Time never build any relation.
    If Feelings are True From Heart,
    Then ‘Friends are always “Friends” forever.
  9. Life is nothing without your friendship.
  10. Ye Dosti ka bandhen bi Ketna
    ajeeb hota hay…!.
    Dost mil jaye to baten khatm nahi
    Bechar jaye to yaden khatm nahi hoti…
  11. Friendship is just like cricket,
    so do not loose wickets..
    if u loose that wickets
    may be you have a defeat…
    so don’t neglect friends.
  12. Being a friend is not just sharing a joke,
    a conversation,
    a cup of coffee or a funny story.
    It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.
  13. Time might lead me to nowhere
    & faith might break into pieces
    but I will always be THANKFUL
    that once in my life’s journey we became FRIENDS!
  14. Real friends are always going to be there by your side, even a t times when you tell them to leave:)
  15. God gave us 86,400 valuable seconds each day. May I use a few seconds to say thanks for giving me the gift of knowing someone like you.

  16. I know I am blessed and lucky,
    Because I have you by my side.
    Life is difficult and tricky,
    But you give me strength and light.
    You give me hope, you help me live with delight,
    With you I can do anything and win every fight.

  17. Days come and go,
    Nights pass by,
    But one thing is for certain,
    That we will always be by each other’s side!

  18. When I’m down I look up to you.
    When I’m happy it’s because of you.
    A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of you.
    Because I don’t know what my life would be like,
    Without a friend like you.
  19. I may lose something today I may get anything else tomorrow. But, I can never lose and ever get one thing and that’s ‘YOU’ so, be my friend forever!
  20. A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together and never say good bye.

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