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Best April Fool Sms

April fool is a humorous day of the year and in this day people make to fools others with different ways and send to each others different types of fooling sms. It comes every year 1st April. Now it is coming and people are searching different types of April fool sms. If you need to get best collection then stop your search here and get through us best collection of April fool sms.

  1. Best relationships need
    no promises, no demands
    and no expectations…
    it just needs two people.
    One fool like you;
    And one cool like me.
    Happy April Fool!
  2. Just a friendly reminder:
    Relationships are precious…
    do not hurt them
    by fooling them on 1st April.
    Happy April Fool!
  3. New financial year, new fools.
    But how can we ignore the old fools like you.
    It’s a crowning moment for you.
    Have a rocking special day!
  4. 31st March Or 1st April Fool
    is Fool doesn’t matter.
    Wishing very happy, prosperous
    and joyful Fool Day to the King of Fools…
  5. A study has proved that
    all fools use their THUMB while reading a SMS.
    Now its 2 late dont try 2 change ur finger!
    Catch another fool!
  6. January is New Year
    February is valentine’s day
    march is ………………….
    April is always april fooollllllllll
  7. This cat, is cat, a cat, good cat,
    way cat, to cat, keep cat, an cat,
    idiot cat, busy cat, for cat,20 cat, seconds cat !…
    Now read it without the word cat.
  8. The maple syrup’s full of ants.
    A mouse is creeping on the shelf.
    Is that a spider on your back?
    I ate the whole pie by myself.
    The kitchen sink just overflowed.
    A flash flood washed away the school.
    I threw your blanket in the trash.
    I never lie—-I—
  9. CUTE means:
    Happy April Fool Day…
  10.  In your life, when you wake up & don’t see anyone, then come to me, I’ll be there to hold your hand and take you to the eye specialist.
  11. Warning!This is a virus. When you turn your phone off, it won’t work again…
  12. April 1st calls for a celebration of fools so, go and join them. Today is fool day.
  13. Boy to his girlfriend:
    I Love U.
    O really.
    No, I was just making you fool.
    Because today is April F00l… ;-p
  14. I may forget to wish you on Holi,
    Durga Puja
    or even New Year’s day.But I am very thankful to God that
    I remember and wish you
    on a very special day
    meant for people like you.
    Happy April Fool..;-p
  15. If today any 1 talks & praises u 4 ur
    1) gud looks
    2 ) nature
    3 ) style
    4 ) attitude,
    kick them off.
    How dare they fool u before April 1st
  16. God made a daylight n is called Sun, God made an entertainment n is called Fun, God made a nightlight n is called Moon, God made a U and is called Cartoon. 
  17. My friend the best quality i like about you is that you are very sentimental10% senti


    90% mental!!!


  18. I want U to know that U are very important to me,
    It’s impossible for me to live without U
    even 4 a second!
    U r my life &
    I can feel U everywhere….
  19. Nov-14 for Neharu,Apr-24 for Sachin,

    Aug-15 for India,

    Apr-01 only for YOU. So Enjoy the day !!!

  20. Hey U Know Which is the best day to propose a girl?
    April 1
    U Know Why??
    If she accept its your luck otherwise just tell April Fool…

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