Eid Day Celebration Ideas

Eid is a day when all Muslims forget their quarrels and greet with each other. ¬†Allah Almighty granted us Eid ul Fitar and Eid ul Adha. Eid ul Fitar marks an end to the Holy month of Ramadan when Muslims from all over the world keep fast. Eid Ul Adha commonly known as Bakra Eid. Both Eid’s are celebrated with zealous, joy and happiness. Here you can find such ideas for eid celebrations at home and celebration with relatives or friends.

Firstly Muslims offer Eid prayer and start the celebration of Eid.

best eid celebration after ramadan

After offering prayer all Muslims greet with each other and say Eid Mubarik or Happy Eid.

cute Eid cards 2017

Sending Eid cards on eid is a traditional thing. People send Eid cards to their family and friends.

 favorite eid celebration 2017

The most excited moment and celebration of Eid is getting money in terms of Eidee from our elders. Every person is doing wait for his eidee.

special eid celebration food

Special dishes made at this occasion. Ladies made “kheer and Sevian” according to the festival specialty and serve in front of guests.

bangals at chand rath

The other celebration is Bangles ( choorian). Girls special go to the market after seeing the moon of Shawal and buy the bangles from shops.

eid-friends mehndi celebration

The greatest celebration for girls is Mehndi (Hina). Girls made design of Mehndi on hands of each other and enjoy the moments.

Eid ul azha kids celebration

Eid celebration for kids on Eid ul Adha is to spent time with their sheeps and bulls. They decorate their bulls and sheeps with different accessories which is available on markets.

Eid ul azha Qurbani sunnah

People sacrifice their bulls to remember and fulfill the sun-nah of Allah Almighty and distribute the meat to poor and needy people.

eid celebration decoration for kids

People bring some candy boxes for kids and also make the reason of happiness.

Eid dishes after Qurbani

After Eid ul Adha people celebrate a BBQ party and enjoy the moments of this Eid and also remember the moments of previous Eid.

Eid gifts for needy people

Eid is a festival of sharing. People make their Eid special by sharing gift with those people who are not able to bring anything for own self and their family.

eid celebration with family at parks

In the vocation of eid people go to parks and Joyland with their family and enjoy the Eid.

Eid collection 2017

You can decorate you home by hanging Eid Mubarik flag garland on the wall.

Eid Decoration ideas free

You can give Eidee in little Eid Mubarik fabric bags to the children…