CCDE Lab Workbook And All You Need To Know

 CCDE Lab Workbook And All You Need To Know

CCDE is expert level network design engineers, leads of IT infrastructure teams and architecture teams working in job roles to translate business needs into the design of a converged solution. There are no prerequisites for CCDE. No specific training is required.

There are two steps. First you have to pass written 352-001 exam and then you can schedule CCDE lab practical exam after studying CCDE lab workbook. The two hours written exam 352-001 covers the network design. CCDE practical lab exam is an eight hours scenario based design exam containing CCDE practical exam questions that will assess your ability to analyze and develop network designs. Product-specific knowledge is not tested in the CCDE exam. You can prepare lab exam from CCDE lab dumps as well.

Only candidates that have a passing score on the 352-001 exam may register for the CCDE practical lab exam after preparing from CCDE lab workbook. Following are the main topics that are covered in the CCDE workbook. The exam scenarios may change however, the topics will remain the same.

Analyze Design Requirements

  • Analyze business requirements, conflicts, and constraints
  • Analyze technical requirements, conflicts, and constraints
  • Analyze physical requirements
  • Analyze existing network

Develop Network Designs

  • Identify the technology to resolve a specific design problem
  • Analyze the effect on the existing network and services
  • Incorporate best practices within the network design
  • Incorporate business requirements within the network designImplement Network Design
  • Analyze implementation options
  • Design an implementation plan

Validate and Optimize Network Design

  • Analyze design choices based on specifications
  • Validate design
  • Optimize design

CCDE Lab Workbook

CCDE practical exam is an eight hours exam and consists of four sections, and each section contains 25 to 35 ccde lab questions focuses on a different scenario. For more details check our ccde lab workbook. The total time allotted for the exam can be up to nine hours including lunch break.

CCDE workbook will contain all exam scenarios. In Lab scenario documentation will be presented at the beginning of each section of lab. Candidates are notified when new documents appeared. Candidates are not allowed to return to a previous question once they have moved to the next ccde lab question. CCDE practical exam dumps will be helpful to prepare properly in advance with CCDE real lab.

Lunch break can only be taken after the candidate completes section 2. If a candidate returns early from lunch, this will not increase the four-hour block after lunch. If a candidate returns late from lunch, the ending time for the exam will not extend. CCDE lab dumps help to solve questions in timely manner.


Each scenario-based question on the CCDE Practical Exam has specific points and these points are awarded based on predefined rules.


Exam results can be checked in the Cisco Tracking System within 48 hours after completion of the exam. However, final results may take up to 10 business days to appear.

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