Exams Facebook Status

 Exams Facebook Status

Exams days are always very tough days for everyone. If you’re any friends or relative is giving exams then you should say him/her best of luck for exams. You can say them through different ways. But these days’ people prefer to facebook. If you want to say through facebook then get through us best exam facebook status and update on your wall or your friend wall.

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  1. Group Project: 1 person does all the work. Everyone takes credit 🙂
  2. Low of studentology: Book continues to be in state of rest or covered with dust and soil, unless exams are appeared 🙂
  3. Exams + Facebook = your face is in the wrong book
  4. Exams don’t test what you know. They test how well you can study the night before.
  5. After the first exams, I switched to the Faculty of Philosophy and studied Zoology in Munich and Vienna.
  6. Why study for exams? Are they not about what you know, not about how much you can cram into your head the night before?
  7. What is the main reason for failure? …………………….. I think its EXAMS. What do you think?
  8. Exams are like Girl friends
    – Too many questions
    – Difficult to understand
    – More explanation is needed
    – Result is always fail!
  9. The best way to lose weight – try to pass all examinations with the excellent grades.
  10. My Nights r going Sleep Less,
    My Days r going UseLes,
    I hv becom SpeachLess,
    I asked My Heart;
    is it Love?
    Heart replied
  11. “Na Putr Paper a gaye ne..”
  12. Why We Sometimes Write “Etc” In Exams?
    Because It Means.
    E-End Of
  13. But Teacher Won’t Ever Understand Our FEelings… ;->
  14. I wish I could forget you like I forget everything I’ve studied seconds before an exam.
  15. In class: 1+1=2 ..Exam: John went to the market and bought 900 Oranges, then he ate 200. What’s the distance between the bridge & Mars?
  16. Every instructor assumes that you have nothing else to do except study for that instructor’s course.
  17. I’M In Relationship Studies & It’S Complicated

  18. Keep Clam and Study For Exams.

  19.  I can’t keep calm cos I hate exams!
  20. Exams and grades are temporary, but education is everlasting.

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