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Fathers Day Greetings

Happy Fathers Day Greetings- Father’s day greetings always play a very important role during father’s day. Now day’s people mostly prefer to greetings because it is inspiring and attractive. There are different types of greetings. If this year you need to get best greeting for your father and you want to make him happy with your wishes then get through us best collection of father’s day greetings and express your love and feelings. We have here hue and best collection and we are sure you will like it.

Fathers day greeting quotes or text messages

  1. Pay My Regards To Ur Father
    Who Is Tolerating Such A Dumb Duffer Child,
    What A Stamina He Has Got..
    I Salute Ur Father:pHappy Father’s day!!!!
  2. No, one take place of your father.
    He is only to protect you and work for you in day and night.
    No one came better for you but your father.
    Happy Father Day!!!
  3. A man’s desire for a son is usually nothing But the wish to duplicate himself in order that Such a remarkable pattern may not be lost to the world.
  4. There Is something like a line of Gold, Thread running through a man’s words, When he talks to his “Daughter”, And gradually over the years, It gets To be long enough for you, To pick up In your hands and weave into a cloth, That feels like love itself.
  5. My dad and I-we think alike,
    He knows just what I mean
    Before I even say a word
    He reads well in between.
  6. You are the sweetest and loveliest Dad and fortunately you are my Dad.
  7. You deserve a Father’s Day
    filled with the nicest things-
    like the joy that comes
    from sharing favorite memories
    and from knowing how much
    you’re loved and appreciated
    for the special father you are.
  8. “Happy, Happy Happy Father’s Day!”
    No one has a father so sweet.
    Your kind ways just can’t be beat.
    Happy Happy Happy Father’s Day;
    I love you in a big big way!
  9. Dad you are never wrong
    The only time you are wrong
    is when you think,
    I forgot about you.
    Love you Dad!
    Have a grand Father’s Day!
  10. Today is the father’s day.
    On this occassion i prays to God that may God bless ur and mine father may they lives long and make both of us obedient to our fathers.
  11. For the best dad who always had a smile 4 me.
    Though we may b far apart right now,
    Bt heres a big hug and kiss for you
    To let u know how special you are
    Happy Father’s Day!
  12. Happy Father’s Day to my hero and role model. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. We love you with all our hearts.
  13. Happy Father’s Day! You are the best Daddy in this huge world.
  14. You are the pillar of strength and fountain of wisdom to me, my Dad.
  15. Happy Father’s day to the man who’s the best dad 365 days in a year.
  16. Happy Father’s Day! I may be taller than you now, but I still look up to you.
  17. No one is ever caring, thoughtful, hardworking as you dad. I don’t think I can find one even if I search this whole wide world. Happy fathers’ day! Love lots!
  18. Daddy, thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. Yet, I still want to tell you, THANK YOU, for all you’ve done. From the bottom of my heart, I love you. Happy fathers’ day!
  19. “Without my dad, I wouldn’t be here”


  20. “You’re the most loving Dad ever. Love You Dad for everything you have given me!”

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