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Holi: Bringing Colour Into Life

Holi is a very colorful festival for Hindus. They celebrate it in February-March in the month of (Phalgun). It is the full moon day in Phalgun that ushers in the spring season in India.

festival of colors

Also it is celebrate in the harvest season. It is a full moon day. Holi word takes from ‘hola’ word which means sacrifice. And this holi festival is a reminder that we must live our lives in courage of service & sacrifice. It is a joyful and get together day.

People enjoy a lot in this day. They utilize different colors on this day. It is very entertaining event. Holi represents success of our higher ambitions over our lower, base needs. It is the burning of our petty, material wants at the altar of our aim of self-development.

It stands for the success of good over evil, a theme that runs through every Indian festival. Through holi event we could know the real meaning of life and what colors keep an important place in our life. If we don’t know the meaning of colors then our life is like a black and white.

On this day people wish to their close ones with different ways. People share their happiness on this day.

Worldwide Hindus celebrate this event and they know the importance of this event and colors. On this day never forget to wish your dear ones. If you wish to others then this event make your relation more strong.

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