Love Wishes for Someone special

 Love Wishes for Someone special

Love wishes for someone means a lot. It is not necessary to send love wishes only boyfriend and girlfriend. These wishes can be send to your parents and siblings and friend. Express your love towards your special person through lovely wishes. Sending lovely wishes to your parents, loved one and siblings is the simple but attractive way. To find such eye catching wishes is not very difficult you can get all lovely wishes from  our website. All wishes are free of cost. Feel free for copy and paste.

  • This is a tribute to a woman who works hard to pay the mortgage, raise her children and support her friends. She is not Super Woman, she is my mom. I love you.
  • If my life had to be fit in a single selfie, it would be incomplete without my mommy. I love you.
  • Mom, I love you so much for all that you have done for me, I hope you are aware of that.
  • I may not be able to be like you but you will always be my inspiration. You are the best man in this world for me.
  • Dad. You have given me the best things in life: Your time, your care, and your love. I am truly grateful to have you in my life. Happy Father’s Day!
  • May every day of your life be blessed with rays of hope, joy, love, and sunshine. I love you brother!
  •  My brother is my only best friend. No one can replace him.
  • Whether young or old, whether poor or rich… I know that the only place in the world where I can get free and unlimited accommodation is in my sister’s heart. I love you.
  • Time has passed, but you, sister, never change. We still share one heart between two of us. Love you, dear.
  • My dear wife you fill all the emptiness in my heart. I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I love you very much.
  • My wife, you are my secret of happiness and success I will never confess.
  • I have entrusted you my heart, soul, and body, and you lived up to my expectations. I am proud to say that I am the wife of the best husband in the world!
  • Yesterday I loved you, today I adore you, tomorrow I will love you even stronger and I cannot live a day without you.
  • I love you because you are you.

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  • A sweet love message with beautiful words cannot accurately describe how your love has acquired such a firm foundation within my heart.
  • You’re like a candy that spreads all the sweetness from within!
  • I would give up anything in my life to give you everything that you need to put a smile on your face. I love you!
  • When a woman gives the birth to a son, she doesn`t have free space in her heart for other men.
  • You are the most beautiful part of my life. Just watching you makes my day and I realize how beautiful this life is. I love you so much.

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